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Cross Wires: Thursday breaking news

The latest Catholic news from Scotland and beyond.

Pope Francis (above): Unemployment, slave labour go against God’s plan. (Full text of general audience).

On reports about Cardinal Keith O’Brien moving into retirement accommodation (click here and here), SCO editor Liz Leydon said:  “Cardinal O’Brien was never one to shy away from difficult situations before he retired and he is not hiding from what is happening now. The cardinal is being made welcome by the local community in a very Christian way at this time and I hope that will be respected by all concerned.”

Pro-life groups blast Irish abortion bill and its suicide grounds.

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI will return to the Vatican this afternoon to take up permanent residence, and will be greeted by Pope Francis when he arrives.

A national Bible conference affirmed as beginning a ‘sea change’ in the Catholic Bible apostolate in England and Wales.

Leading Vatican official downplays speculation on changes to curia, Vatican bank.

Vatican Radio highlights Sacra Liturgia conference.

Papal preacher Fr Raniero Cantalamessa addresses Charismatic Renewal meeting in Rimini.


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  1. Maria Dorrian says:

    I couldn’t agree more with Liz Leydon. Cardinal O’Brien should be left in peace now. Those who should feel shame are those within the Church who preach about forgiveness and yet prove themselves to have learned nothing from this. They say that preaching one thing and then doing the opposite is wrong. Well that is exactly what they are now doing. What happened to “The Lord is compassion and love, slow to anger and rich in mercy”? I refer them back to Pope Francis’ words that God will forgive anything, it is we who find it hard to forgive each other. Let the Bishops do what they should have done years ago – pluck out the paedophiles they protect and ensure that justice is done for those victims instead of victimising this 75 year old man who has given 50 years to the Catholic Church in Scotland and who has made many peoples’ lives so much better.

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