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Forgiving the unforgivable: a horrific WWII massacre and the lessons it teaches on reconciliation

September 13th, 2019 | comments icon 0 COMMENTS

Earlier this year, Terrence Mallick’s newest film A Hidden Life had its world premiere at the Cannes film festival. The film concerns the life Blessed Franz Jägerstätter, the Austrian conscientious objector who was executed by the Nazis and later declared a martyr and beatified by the Church. Blessed Franz Jägerstätter is an important figure within the Catholic peace movement. For example, every Good Friday, Glasgow Catholic Workers uses a wonderful little booklet of prayer and reflections taken from the writings of Blessed Franz Jägerstätter during their Way of the Cross through the streets of Glasgow city centre. At every station, each ... continue reading.
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Keynote speaker of two Catholic conferences reveals why we need to ‘wake up’ to Climate Change

September 6th, 2019 | comments icon 0 COMMENTS

Trócaire’s project coordinator Lorna Gold is issuing a rallying cry to fight back against the destruction of the planet before she attends two Scottish Catholic conferences later this month.... continue reading.

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Knock pilgrimage, though arduous, bears many fruits for Scottish Catholics

September 6th, 2019 | comments icon 0 COMMENTS

Joe Bradley reveals his third pilgrimage from Armagh enduring a four day, 136 mile trek to the National Shrine of Our Lady in Ireland.... continue reading.


A fresh perspective on the overlooked contribution of lay women and Religious Orders to Catholic education

August 30th, 2019 | comments icon 0 COMMENTS

‘A History of Catholic Education and Schooling in Scotland: New Perspectives’ takes a fresh look at what the Archbishop of Glasgow recently referred to as the ‘jewel in the crown’ of the Church in Scotland. In these four extracts, the writers discuss the role of the Orders, lay women, and the 1918 Education Act.... continue reading.


The marvels of St Thérèse: the Scots cured by the Little Flower

August 30th, 2019 | comments icon 0 COMMENTS

Digging through historical archives, Amanda Connelly explores the stories of two women whose remarkable recovery from illness has been attributed to the Little Flower: Scottish nun Sr Catherine, who overcame a horrific foot injury, and a Glasgow woman whose tumour was cured.... continue reading.


The instrumental role of a Carfin priest to the story of St Thérèse

August 23rd, 2019 | comments icon 0 COMMENTS

The current Guardian of Carfin Grotto looks at the life of the Grotto’s founder, his tireless advocacy for the sainthood cause of St Thérèse of Lisieux, and how the Little Flower answered prayers from Scotland ... continue reading.


The role of the papacy in conflict and diplomacy

August 16th, 2019 | comments icon 0 COMMENTS

John Carr, author of The Pope’s Army: The Papacy in Diplomacy and War, on why the Church is a 'shining jewel impervious to time'... continue reading.

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Her Voice: A loving space to be heard and healed

August 9th, 2019 | comments icon 0 COMMENTS

Amanda Connelly speaks with Margaret Akers of Her Voice, a pro-life group aiming to give women a voice.... continue reading.

Meet the young people giving a voice to the unborn via Project Truth

August 9th, 2019 | comments icon 0 COMMENTS

The young pro-lifers will positively engage with strangers in the street and aim to change hearts and minds over a subject that is not just 'a political or women's issue' but is in fact about unique human lives, which are under threat in the place they should be safest.... continue reading.

Finding Sacred Ground in a Glasgow print office

August 2nd, 2019 | comments icon 0 COMMENTS

Amanda Connelly speaks to printer Frank Burns about the family business and his new book, Standing on Sacred Ground.... continue reading.

Bringing Christianity to the greatest show on earth this month

August 2nd, 2019 | comments icon 0 COMMENTS

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is the biggest, most eclectic Arts festival in the world, attracting millions of visitors in the month of August, and it’s growing every year. Faith in Culture’s Richard Purden speaks to two performers who are staging shows with Christian themes in what might feel like a hostile environment, and asks: does religion have a place on the Fringe circuit?... continue reading.

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