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Report: UN is ‘ignoring’ Christian persecution

October 13th, 2017 | comments icon 0 COMMENTS

Research prompts Lebanese archbishop to ask Scotland for prayers

The persecution of Christians around the world is worse than at any time in history but is being ignored by the UN, according to a new report. Lebanese Archbishop Issam John Darwich (above) spoke about the ‘Persecuted and Forgotten?’ report during a visit to Scotland this week. The research, compiled by Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need (ACN), concludes that the persecution of Christians reached a high water mark in 2015-17, with growing attacks on the faithful by ISIS, Boko Haram, and other fundamentalist groups. “Governments in the West and the UN failed to offer Christians in countries such as Iraq and Syria the emergency help they needed as genocide got underway,” the report reads. “If Christian organisations and other institutions had not filled the gap, the Christian presence could already have disappeared in Iraq and other parts of the Middle East.” Speaking after a special event at Hampden Park in Glasgow,... continue reading.

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Tory MSP slams pro-indy politicians over claims Christians shouldn’t vote for right-wing parties

October 13th, 2017 | comments icon 0 COMMENTS

Pro-independence politicians have parked furore after saying it was impossible to understand why a Christian would support a right-wing political party -By RYAN MCDOUGALL continue reading...

Catholic expert on Islam calls for interfaith cooperation

October 13th, 2017 | comments icon 0 COMMENTS

One of the greatest experts of Islam in the Catholic Church visited Scotland last week... continue reading.

Priest and teacher go the extra mile for Mary’s Meals

October 13th, 2017 | comments icon 0 COMMENTS

It proved to be second time lucky for one Glasgow parish priest and a Catholic... continue reading.

Pope Francis says the Death penalty is contrary to the Gospel and never acceptable

October 12th, 2017 | comments icon 0 COMMENTS

Yesterday he told an audience of cardinals and bishops 'however grave the crime that may... continue reading.



Pupils’ paintings promote safety at state of the art new primary school

October 13 | comments icon 0 COMMENTS

Budding young artists at St Joseph’s and St Andrew’s Primaries have been promoting child...


Youth group hits jackpot with £10,000 lottery funding

October 6 | comments icon 0 COMMENTS

Parishioners and families at St Lucy’s in Abronhill were left delighted at last Sunday’s...


VIP Confirmation for young Fife pupil

September 22 | comments icon 0 COMMENTS


Primary headteachers discuss the future of Catholic education

September 15 | comments icon 0 COMMENTS


Mini Vinnies make big impact with food bank

September 8 | comments icon 0 COMMENTS



Coaxing parents back into the Church

October 13 | comments icon 0 COMMENTS

Fr John Bollan sees in childhood Sacraments an opportunity to reach mothers and fathers ...


Aggressive secularism is on the rise in Ireland

October 13 | comments icon 0 COMMENTS

DAVID QUINN takes stock as upcoming referendum on abortion looms ...


Journeys into the past and future

October 6 | comments icon 0 COMMENTS


Race is not irrelevant in the Catholic Church

October 6 | comments icon 0 COMMENTS


The challenge of uniting the generations at Mass

September 29 | comments icon 0 COMMENTS

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