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A retreat full of friendships and Faith

Strengthening our relationship with God and the building of friendships were the themes of a recent retreat to Craig LodgeContinue Reading

Strengthening our relationship with God and the building of friendships were the themes of a recent retreat to Craig Lodge House of Prayer by a group of girls from Fernhill School, Glasgow.

The group of S4 girls spent November 8 and 9 at the Dalmally House of Prayer. They made the decision to go after being impressed by a retreat they made last year.

As part of their studies last year a group of six S3 girls had participated in a four-day leadership event with the proviso that they had to lead a new initiative on their return to school.

It was decided by the group that they wanted to build strong friendships in their year group and they all agreed that the best way of doing this would be through the organisation of a retreat to Craig Lodge.

The two-day visit last year proved to be so successful that they asked school staff if they could repeat the retreat this year.

During this year’s retreat the girls were enthused by the stories and work of the Craig Lodge members who helped them further-develop their relationship with God.

“I feel that after my time at Dalmally that my relationship with Jesus and God was strengthened,” Katie Ann Mitchell said. “I can’t wait to come back soon.”

Other pupils commented on the atmosphere of Craig Lodge.

“The thing that strikes you first about Craig Lodge is that everyone is always happy and smiling,” one of the pupils said. “The people here all have so much respect for God and are so embracing of their Faith.”

For Louise Macpherson the highlight of the retreat was undoubtedly praying the outdoor Stations of the Cross.

“The highlight of the whole trip was the hill climb,” she said. “Even though it was cold it was so much fun. It was a hard walk and the wind was terribly cold as we followed the Stations of the Cross but the view from the 15th station at the very top of the hill was breathtaking.

“Looking across to the blue loch sparkling in the November sun and the beautiful snow capped hills it is hard to dispute the ides of a higher power—God.”

The S4 pupils have developed into a very strong unit and have formed a St Vincent de Paul group of which every girl in the year is a member.

They have also organised a Christmas party for senior citizens in December and are currently fundraising to finance this.

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