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Cross Wires: Tuesday headlines

The latest Catholic news from home and abroad

Vatican spokesman Fr Federico Lombard says that bishops in most English-speaking countries have already specified guidelines on tackling abuse, in particular in the United States, Ireland, England and Wales, Scotland, New Zealand, Malta, Australia and Canada.

Top QC Findlay is latest recipient of suspect package.

Margo MacDonald MSP (above) to resume fight for assisted suicide.

Catholic heads deplore proposals to scrap subsidised school transport.

Pope Benedict XVI meets with bishops from India.

Pope’s ‘reform of the reform’ in liturgy to continue, Cardinal Kurt Koch says.

Holy Father: laity key to formulating, implementing social doctrine.


Hugh Reilly: God only knows if we can rid our country of sectarian shame.

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  1. Philip M.McGhee says:

    A rite integrating elements of the 1570 and 1970 liturgies might well resemble the mass rite as described in Edmund Bishop’s essay “Genius of the Roman Rite”,largely based on the Gregorian Ordines (Migne,PL 46). Quite frankly,this is the liturgical structure I had hoped would evolve out of Vatican II. The 1970 rite also has a few structual difficulties. The recently revised Eucharist of the Evangelical Luthern Church in America anticipates this model.

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