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The most powerful secularist on earth?

— The health care debate confirms Barack Obama as the most anti-Christian president the US has ever had

By Gerald Warner

You would have to be a hermit living on a remote island to remain ignorant that a massive and vicious onslaught is being launched against Christianity across Britain, Europe and North America. This month alone has seen a ban on local councils in England and Wales beginning their meetings with prayers, after legal action by an atheist former councillor, and the rejection of an appeal against their fine by Christian guest-house owners who refused to allow a homosexual couple to share a double room.

There have at last been some signs of a fight-back by Christians, with both Lord Carey, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, and the Queen making statements in defence of Christianity and its values. But the most spectacular aggression, directed specifically against Catholicism, has been witnessed in the United States where President Barack Obama now finds himself—completely on his own initiative —embroiled in open warfare with the Catholic hierarchy in a presidential election year.

As part of his controversial, expensive and impractical healthcare ‘reform’ programme, President Obama wants to compel religious charities and other bodies to provide contraception within their staff insurance policies or pay punitive fines. This is simply the latest outrage in the US President’s single-minded campaign to destroy Christian morality. Last December he declared the promotion of ‘lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights’ a priority of US foreign policy. A Global Equality Fund will hand US taxpayers’ money to overseas homosexual activists to fund their activities; every federal agency overseas has been instructed to oppose the criminalisation of homosexuality.

Aid that is needed by underdeveloped countries is being made contingent on their legalising and endorsing behaviour that is abhorrent to their culture and morality. Fortunately, several African nations have already responded robustly to this crude neo-colonialism. On coming to office, President Obama also made available large sums of US cash to promote and fund abortions in the ‘Third World:’ the populations of poorer countries are to be culled to enable the atheist American Democrat elite to live in the style to which it is accustomed. Barack Hussein Obama is the most viscerally anti-Christian president the US has ever had.

This was all totally predictable—and was predicted—but the lemmings in the electorate would not pay heed. They could not see beyond the sentimental objective of electing ‘the first black president,’ regardless of his moral stance. Such blinkered tokenism is, of course, crassly racist. So, President Obama took 54 per cent of the Catholic vote, against 45 per cent for his opponent John McCain. Those who knew better largely failed to speak out—again, partly from fear of being denounced as ‘racist.’

Catholics in the US are also largely the authors of their own misfortunes. They are hobbled by a loud, blatantly heretical, ‘liberal’ wing whose adherents have so fanatically embraced the politically correct, democrat, secularist and UN agenda that they are no longer recognisably Catholic. A notorious instance, three years ago, was the invitation to President Obama to come and be feted at Notre Dame University—subsequently known to orthodox Catholics as ‘Notre Shame’—despite his extremist support for abortion. So extravagant has his anti-life stance always been that, as a state senator in Illinois, he voted against a bill to establish a right to life for babies that accidentally lived after a late-term abortion.

Under this presidency, the US, which was already under a cloud of moral ambiguity due to its invasion of Iraq, has become an aggressive force for moral evil around the world, even though much of its population is devoutly, admirably, Christian. This time, however, the signs are that President Obama has made a serious mistake. He acknowledged as much by offering the Catholic bishops a cosmetic ‘compromise’ that was no real improvement and would still offend the Catholic conscience.

The Catholic hierarchy has finally closed ranks against the president. During the 2008 presidential election the auxiliary Bishop of Los Angeles actually tried to dismiss his anti-life credentials by saying that ‘we are not a one-issue Church’—as if federal funding programmes were more important than the issue of life and death. Today even the liberals have come out against President Obama, not in whole-hearted support of the encyclical Humanae Vitae, it must be recognised, but because his punitive sanctions breach the First Amendment to the US Constitution guaranteeing freedom of religious conscience.

Evangelical Christians are even more enraged than Catholics, for the same reason. President Obama’s inner coterie made the mistake of thinking an unprovoked assault on the Catholic Church would only alienate people who would never vote for him anyway, while galvanising his liberal core support. As the old Scottish joke phrases it: ‘Weel, they ken noo.’ Bringing down the most powerful secularist on earth next November would be the ideal overture to a Christian fight-back against political persecution.

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  1. Simon says:

    Credit to the author of this fine article. It reminds me of my time as a member of the ‘Stormfront’ forums.

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