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Discussing the New Evangelisation

Glasgow to host extraordinary conference in December featuring a host of guest speakers

Glasgow is to host an extraordinary conference about the New Evangelisation at the start of December.

The large-scale event at Glasgow City Chambers on December 1 will bring together some of the most exciting Catholic speakers to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Second Vatican Council and the Church’s mission to proclaim the Good News to the modern world.

Fr James Duggan, who is helping to organise the St Andrew’s Conference, said he believes the conference will help ‘strengthen the Faith’ of the 300 Scots Catholics who attend, who can then take that message back to their parishes.



Among the conference speakers will be Cardinal George Pell (right) the Archbishop of Sydney, Australia and member of the Pontifical Council for the New Evangelisation in Rome, who will offer his view on the way forward for the Church.

His fellow speakers include Bishop Arthur Serratelli of Paterson, New Jersey, and chairman of the International Commission on English in the Liturgy, who will review the impact of the Liturgical changes after the Second Vatican Council and Archbishop Philip Tartaglia of Glasgow, who will  give a report on the Synod of Bishops held in Rome this month. Other speakers will include noted Catholic academic, Professor John Haldane of St Andrews University and Patricia Donnelly, CEO of the Mungo Foundation.



Fr Duggan told the SCO that the event was the brainchild of Archbishop Tartaglia.

“He had the notion to invite the cardinal and bishop to come over,” he said “And he saw it as a great opportunity to promote the New Evangelisation and focus on the Church.”

Fr Duggan said there would also be some young people speaking at the conference.

“There will be six young people talking about different things within the Church they are engaged with,” he said. “Like the caritas awards and youth service in Africa, so there will be messages from many different parts of the Church.”

Fr Duggan also said the venue of the Glasgow City Chambers underlined a key point of the New Evangelisation.

“It is a great venue,” he said. “And I think it is very symbolic because of the Holy Father’s message about promoting the Faith in the public square.”


— There are 300 tickets available for the event and they are free, but are sure to be snapped up quickly so apply by visiting



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  1. Ian Turnbull says:

    I wish or pray that the Catholic Church would take a closer look at the intrinsic nature of the nuclear power. Being as it is a dominant issue in our modern world. I’m not a Catholic but I have looked at this subject with catholic eyes.
    My experience is that if and when we look into the Atomic World with the same social curiosity and acumen that we use to look into our human affairs, we can soon enough see that the particle world is as social and sentient as our human society. We are in effect restoring the principle know to ancient civilisations as “as above, so below.” Which is known these days as “the holographic nature of our Universe”.
    While we only attend to the physics of this smaller world, none of this is discernible. On the other hand, once we study the subjective aspects of nuclear power, like the emotional distress within radiation, and the sexual drama within nuclear fission, then the Atomic World immediately looks a more familiar place, more transparent and approachable than we presently allow.

    I’ve created a web site which uses the parable of an archetypal English and an instinctively Scottish (what would Robbie Burns have seen?) perception of the Atomic World, which then generates an hologram or holographic view of the nuclear subject. It’s not perfect but I am pretty sure this is the right way that we need to start looking at what we are up to, or down to, in the Atomic World.
    Thanks and good wishes. Ian Turnbull. Findhorn. Moray.

  2. rbk78 says:

    Perhaps the conference should have been organised the other way round:
    to invite Pell to hear what people think of how the Church tries to evangelize;
    to let Serratelli hear what people think of the new English translation …

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