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Cross Wires: Thursday breaking news

The Catholic headlines from home and abroad

The four Irish archbishops, led by Cardinal Seán Brady (above), resist Vatican plan to cut the number of Irish dioceses and by default the number of bishops.

Personal Ordinariate’ to welcome American Anglicans into the Catholic Church to be erected on January 1. (Video).

Holy Father’s Benin visit seen as possible counter to African secularisation.

Celtic FC faces a UEFA hearing on December 8 but the SPL has hit back at claims it has taken this intervention for them to act on offensive and sectarian chanting.

Children’s cantata in Glasgow for St Andrew’s Day.

Eviction notices have been attached to tents at protest camp outside St Paul’s Cathedral, London.

Clerics and Queen Elizabeth II gather to mark 400 years of Bible translation.

Orange Order faces further controversy over disciplinary action against senior members for attending the funeral of murdered Catholic constable Ronan Kerr.

Salesian institute gives young Salvadorans an alternative to violence.


Peter Geoghegan: Stormont, the Northern Ireland Assembly, needs to take a leaf out of Scotland’s book to eradicate sectarianism.

Michael Kelly: Alex Salmond’s anti-sectarian purge has gone too far.

Damian Thompson: Padrio Pio and carbolic acid. Could the saint really have been a fraud?


Benetton clothing company has withdrawn an advert featuring a fake photo of Pope Benedict XVI kissing a top Egyptian imam after Vatican complaint.

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  1. Philip M. McGhee says:

    Lots of American Cathoolics are looking forward to the establishment of the the new ordinariate,as the inclsuion of of the Anglican liturgical and spiritual patrimony may raise standards among the rest of the Church. While many liturgical questions have yet to be settled, their current liturgical book, “The Book of Divine Worship” has a much higher quality of English than the current of proposed tetx for the Roman rite.

  2. Philip M. McGhee says:

    One more issue to be raised. So far, the number of applicants is disproportionally clerical, about 100, ex-clergy from the Episcopal Church, and maybe about 2,000 lay members. Many Roman rite bishops in the USA have indicated their desire to use the clergy (most of whom are high quality) in their own jurisdictions.

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