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US President undermines Catholic schools after Vatican Prefect praised them

The US President has made an alarming call for an end to Catholic education in Northern Ireland in spite of the fact that Archbishop Gerhard Müller told Scots that Catholic education was 'a critical component of the Church.’

President Barack Obama (above), repeated the oft disproved claim that Catholic education increases division in front of an audience of 2000 young people, including many Catholics, at Belfast’s Waterfront hall when he arrived in the country this morning.

“If towns remain divided—if Catholics have their schools and buildings and Protestants have theirs, if we can’t see ourselves in one another and fear or resentment are allowed to harden—that too encourages division and discourages cooperation,” the US president said.

The US politician made the unfounded claim despite a top Vatican official spelling out the undeniable good done by Catholic education in a speech in Glasgow on Saturday and in his homily at Mass on Friday.

Archbishop Gerhard Müller (below), prefect of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith, told an audience in Scotland that Catholic education provided a rare place where ‘intellectual training, moral discipline and religious commitment would come together’ while giving the presitigous Cardinal Winning Lecture on Saturday to officially launch the St Andrews Foundation for Catholic teacher education at Glasgow University. During Mass at St Andrew’s Cathedral, Glasgow, on Friday night he said that ‘the Catholic school is vitally important … a critical component of the Church,’ adding that Catholic education provides young people with a wonderful opportunity to ‘grow up with Jesus.’

Mr Obama is in Northern Ireland to take part in the two day G8 Summit at the Lough Erne resort in Enneskillen.




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  1. Pete says:

    The expert of division making speaks about division making.

    • Lisa says:

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    • John Paul says:

      Obama cannot brook any competition for the title of “messiah”. Nor can he tolerate any values that are not taught under the control of the govt and democrat teachers unions. The man hates Christianity,the one value he remembers from the madrassa that educated him. It is sad to see my country being turned into an authoritarion regime. I hope the Scots had the good sense to boo this pathetic excuse of a leader.

    • Francis Dolan says:

      He leads a divided nation. Us southern traditional folk are the bane of his existence. He has openly declared us to be bitter clingers because we do have faith in God, and we will not give up our rifle. He cannot sway us, nor should he sway you.

      He and his kind have played the long game though. He has infected our youth through years and years of public, government mandated education. We have to deprogram our children from the damage done in public schools, else they will suffer Hell in Eternity.

      No friends, you keep your faith and teach it in your way, and pay no mind to Obama.

      F. Dolan
      Sullivan County, Pennylvania

    • LawnJockey says:

      That is how he does it. Accuses others of what he is doing himself. Real Americans don’t share his views, we belive in real diversity that comes from freedom of thought and speech. We are shamed by his offeensive comment while being a guest.

    • Teresa says:

      He has done nothing but divide our country (USA). I am ashamed to say that my Alma Mater (Notre Dame) had him give a commencement address. The irony of his statements in N. Ireland is not lost on me.

      • Russell says:

        He has done nothing of the sort… it’s people like you that have divided the USA.

        • Chris says:

          Are you kidding me?? This guy constantly verbally attacks conservatives, “the obstructionist congress” , “the rich people” And mocks people continually. He is a a typical person of little substance , belittle others if you have no fortitude.

      • James says:

        I’m proud to say that my Alma Mater (Notre Dame, class of 1977) had him give a commencement address. You all are clearly (and in most cases, deliberately) misconstruing the remark.

    • Jean Arp says:

      I cherish the Catholic education my sister, three brothers and I received. So much so that my husband and I have seen that our 5 children and 18 grandchildren have graduated from Catholic schools. Those who have completed college are doing quite well in the business world. While our schools have problems they are far less than the public schools.

  2. Jake Thegezer says:

    What Obama is suggesting is the Irish should have the American system of “public schools” which have their own more serious problems like students shooting and stabbing each other in school buildings. This shows how ignorant and dismissive Obama is of Irish culture. A good visitor tolerates his hosts peculiarities and sees the good in foreign countries. Like old fish, the longer Obama is around the worse he smells. Obama’s values stink.

    • Jenn says:

      Irish culture is not alone in Obama’s ignorance. Trust me, he is just as ignorant of American culture too. Yes, he stinks and his manners to Americans are equally atrocious.
      Please don’t blame me as I voted for the other guy & am watching Obama destroy our country & culture.

      • cristo52 says:

        His formative years were spent in an unstable family planted in the middle of the Pacific Islands. He can’t be expected to act like a kid who grew up in New York of Boston.

        • C. L. J. says:

          Yes, I understand the principle of “formative years;” but when does one become responsible for his own actions? The blame game goes on ad nauseum… he is no longer a child and anyone who’d care to check his “compatriots” would see he does in fact have an agenda – and it isn’t to better the American people… or system!

      • BB says:

        ARGH! For crying out loud. He’s not in Ireland, and he’s not addressing the Irish. He’s in Northern Ireland which is part of the United Kingdom and he is addressing UK citizens. If you had any idea of that fact you might view his comments in an entirely different light, but you’ve missed 400 years of history and 40 years of violence and terrorism between Catholics and Protestants which have torn the country of NORTHERN IRELAND apart.

        • KP says:

          The sectarian aspect to Northern Ireland is relatively recent and introduced as the dividing factor by the British government (Randolph Churchill, “Let’s play the Orange card”). Those wanting to hold on to power will always look to exploit differences. If religion was truly the cause of trouble, why are there not fights outside churches every Sunday?

        • KM says:

          Thank you. This is the first sane response in a string is ridiculousness.

          He wasn’t preaching AT ALL for the end to Catholic education. He was talking about the division between people which greatly runs between the lines of faith, and he was saying this in BELFAST, not in friggin Scotland.

          Why some dolt in Scotland decided to write an article comparing Obama’s speech in Northern Ireland to what the head of CDF said in Glasgow is beyond me. How asinine to compare the two. Different contexts. Different cities. Different venues. Different crowds.

          I am amazed that people will believe anything without thinking about it first these days…

        • JT says:

          And you should realize that the conflict in Northern Ireland is not religious, but political. The “Catholics” are historically indigenous Irish, while the “Protestants” are British imports. The battle is for independence of Ireland from British control, not the dominance of one religion over the other. Obama is out of line, as usual, and his comments are not only inappropriate, but ludicrous.

          • Pam says:

            I completely concur with JT. Obama has no idea the history between what divided the land. He spoke on a surface level 700 years of history is what really divided what is now called Northern Ireland. Scary for the citizens of the United States that have their children in Catholic schools that Obama is speaking about that Catholic schools cause division. In the U.S. they certainly can cause division, because most Catholic schools offer a MUCH better education than most U.S. public schools!

          • catherine shields says:

            I back your comments 100%.

    • shannyn says:

      Values? What values?

  3. Bill says:

    What arrogance. What profound ignorance he has of the value of a Catholic education. Catholicism was the innovator of the university system in Europe. In the United States, the development of the Catholic school system was the engine for wider education of the populace.

    • DeAnne says:

      I agree. Catholic education is necessary and he was rude to his hosts.

    • T Bracey says:

      Are these achievements really predicated on religious apartheid in Irish schools?

    • Beverly Evans says:

      I think the Catholic’s should stand for the Catholic Religion and thier school’s Come together and do something about this. Before it is to late.

    • grandmaliberty says:

      showing his ignorance and intolerance once again.. sigh..he is making America a laughing stock.. If it weren’t for Catholic education in the USA, there would be far less successful, moral, citizens in this country.. he hates the Catholic religion because we don’t allow abortion,we won’t go along with same sex marriage, and we are fighting his stance on making us pay for the above and for contraception in his Obamacare disaster even tho he is well aware it is against our faith.. He is without morals and would love a world where anything goes…

  4. D Paul says:

    Mr. President: As a Catholic Irish Navy vet, I could have sworn that the onus of the problem is that the Brits had invaded Ireland and attempted to subvert the Irish into slavery and in order to do this, they persecuted their religion. Without a doubt, Mr. President, you would destroy religion (with the Beatles) as the source of all conflict in the world. That is a simplistic Marxist answer to a complex problem.

    • Jim says:

      As a Brit Catholic of Irish parents you talk nonsense. Your historical perspective is warped and bordering on racist. The pope of the day invited Henry II to bring the Irish to heel, it was Irish protestants who founded Irish Nationalism It was American money that funded 30 Years of slaughter. You should do as my mum and advised me read the old and new testament and put the Marxist / Atheist violence of the IRA where it belongs on the fire, but pray the rosary for their souls

    • dave cearley says:

      I’m still waiting for the dear leader to go to the podium in a Muslim country and make the same speech. Why is it with this guy that only Christians are required to suborn their faith to the state?

      • Louise says:

        …Why is it with this guy that only Christians are required to suborn their faith to the state? The answer is: HE IS A MUSLIM and the world is in GREAT
        danger with this satanic man.

    • eric in NJ says:

      More offensive is how the media has been musing about Obama’s Irish roots and how Irish he seems all through his trip to the Emerald Isle.

    • pilgrim says:

      Great observation D, his comment is as Anti_Protestant as Anti-Catholic. The man is against religion. Right out of Marxist mold. Maybe if there were more encouragement for religion in the schools of his home town, Chicago, there would not have been 9 shootings just yesterday

  5. Tom says:

    Our president knows as much about the schools in Northern Ireland as he knows about Islamic “contributions” to the Renaissance.

  6. Paul E. Crudo says:

    No doubt, he feels the same way about Catholic education in USA.

  7. Tom McEwen says:

    A lie is a lie if everyone believes it and the truth is the truth if no one believes it.
    Obama is in his actions a enemy of the Catholic Church and Christianity in general. Gay marriage which he supports seeks the end of freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom of conscience. He is open about his belief that rights come from the state, not God. He open about taking those rights he has given away. His success is remarkable, his core “Boo’ed” God they are open too about their aims. I hope the Leadership can call a spade a spade and not a soil relocation – hand operated device.

  8. Dr. Timothy J. Williams says:

    Please find a useful job for Mr. Obama so that he may indefinitely prolong his stay in N. Ireland. Yes, the job he has been filling in the states is having catastrophic consequences for us. However, do give him another chance, PLEASE! And good luck!

  9. Grace says:

    That’s because Obama envisions a world where everyone is equally religiously apathetic – as he is…

  10. Barbara says:

    Obama needs to keep his nose out of Ireland’s business and in particular, out of Catholic schools. His audacity and arrogance are mind boggling.

    • Teresa says:

      I agree, he goes to other countries and spews his arrogant remarks. But believe me, his dislike for anything religious is apparent to Americans. There are many catholic/christian organizations suing the federal gov. right now because he is attempting to stomp on religious freedom which is guaranteed under our Constitution. This has happened with him before and they lost in court. I was deeply offended as an American Catholic when I read his words. As the president of the USA, he has no business having a public opinion on the subject. It is not his job to divide a country, but to unite. I believe he hates our Constitution as well, because it stops him from pushing his agenda.

  11. ailsa says:

    Why not stop all the Catholic Masses then and while about it, perhaps knocking down the Catholic Churches will really pave the way to uniformity. But of course, it might become necessary to change the Catholic names too, lest they be a barrier to peace because of the hint of cultural and spiritual distinctiveness. I am sure, then that Obama and his ilk might still come up with more barriers too. So we can await their enlightened response on how to make peace in Northern Ireland. What would the Irish know anyway.

    • Crossing The Delaware says:

      Beautiful point. Beautifully exposes the lie, and shines a spotlight on his true motives.

  12. Lucia Bartoli says:

    Obama can’t take care of his own litter box (our U.S.A.) but has plenty of time to talktrash in the UK? He should simply mind his own damned business and quit talking, talking, TALKING! Does the man NEVER shut up? We in the U.S. are stuck with this fool for another couple of years. I try to consider him like the court jesters of old but the damage he does is far too serious for that. I had twelve years of Catholic education and am grateful for the care and fine instruction I received.

    • Beverly Evans says:

      It is time for the Catholic people to come together and stop the maniac from taking away your right to freedom of religion. Hold a protess quickly and shut him down on this. He has no right to do this. If you don’t stand up against him you will lose. (fyi) I am not catholic. But I will stand tall for your right to freedom of religion. God Bless You

    • Carol says:

      I had more than twelve years of Catholic education. 8 years of grade school, 4 years of high school and 4 years of Catholic college. My parents, my friends’ parents, the Sisters and the Priests gave up so much to give all children a good education.

  13. littlebytes says:

    So ashamed of our President…he’s such a disgrace.

  14. Louise Raffy says:

    Obama and Muller may sound contradictory but they are not. If one investigates the sexualizing of youth at a very young age with the curriculae taught in U S bishop’s schools, one will discover Obama and Muller are on the same page. See detailed description of the sexualized catechetical series, “Growing In Love”, at Remember, it was the Catholics who elected Obama (millions of dollars given to ACORN by USCCB) and it was the Catholics who re-elected Obama. Obama and Muller are false opposites.

    • Ally says:

      As a Roman Catholic, I must say that I never voted for Obama. You are referring to “Liberal, nominal Catholics”.

      • Teresa says:

        I agree, Liberal, nominal Catholics, who are not really Catholic.. They don’t follow the Church and her teachings. They make it up as they go along. Like, let’s say the VP of the USA. Joe Biden, who proclaims his being a Catholic all the time but believes in a womans right to choose. Same with Rep. Nancy Pelosi, another “devout” catholic.. but won’t talk about abortion because it’s not a political issue to her. (her words, not mine)

  15. Lisa Hurley says:

    That man has no right to be in my Country.

    • Deb says:

      Mine either, and I’m American!

    • Jennifer says:

      here here….he has no right to be ANYWHERE

      • Frank says:

        People of Northern Ireland. Please forgive our President he is hopelessly uneducated in the religious matter, or much else.

        Now you see what the US has to contend with. Pray for him if you thing it might help.

      • Susan says:

        “HE” is a politician…put in office by a bigger bunch of politicians..with an agenda created by bigger groups of people who have all the money; they rule this country. He merely follows orders. And he, sees the hundreds of years of politically motivated “religious” hatred in Ireland the same as many Catholics and Protestants in the US…GODLESS.

    • BB says:

      Why? He’s a US citizen born in Hawaii, so he has every right to be in the US. One assumes he remembered to get a UK visa before flying to NI and I’m sure immigration checked, so he has a right to be there too.

  16. Obama is trying to control the minds of all our nation’s schoolchildren, and he can’t if some of them are in parochial schools.

  17. mel says:

    I could not find this story anywhere. I checked all the Obama hating sites and more. Is is true ? If not shame shame

    • Sherry says:

      Probably because the Obama hating sites are all US based sites, and this was from the Scottish Catholic Observer. Give it a couple days, we’ll catch up.

    • Leanna says:

      You can’t find it in American media and it surprises you? I only rely on overseas media to find out what is really happening in the U.S. and so should you.

  18. Marie says:

    Isn’t having a state school equally as divisive? Let parents decide what’s best for their children, whether it’s religious school, homeschool or state-sponsored school.

    Why doesn’t he go home to his own country and face the consequences of his administration’s failures? He’s the US president, not any other country’s.

    • WilSpeaking says:

      I agree with you Marie!
      I never attended a parochial or private school so it is difficult for me to make a direct comparison but from the grades and outcomes I have seen reported from people I know I have to agree with this quote, Obama should “be more concerned about the public schools in the United States than their parochial schools, which are working just fine.”

      • Carol says:

        Thank you WilSpeaking.
        When I was young and going to the Catholic grade school I felt like part of a very large family. We attended Mass together every morning at 8:00 a.m. and school started at 9:00. My classmates and I were more like sisters and brothers because we knew all the parents and siblings of each other’s families.
        All the parents were glad to help with anything needed because the school ran on a shoestring. They taught classes when the Sister was too ill to teach. Once or twice my doctor’s wife took over our class.

  19. Pam Skibbe says:

    He displays his ignorance by making these statements. Catholic schools were not created to create division but rather to teach young people morality, beliefs and traditions. We as parents should be able to send our children to a school that teaches them the way in which we believe and also teaches them acceptance of others regardless of their belief system. He sends his children to a Friends school…so what is wrong with public school for them if it’s ok for the Catholic kids?

    • Mike says:

      This is exactly the point. He and the US liberal mind-control machine do not want young people to form or retain individual morality, beliefs, and traditions. They want a society completely reliant on the State. The State shall make those decisions for you because they (in their infinite wisdom) know what’s best for you and society at-large. No opportunity for free-will and absolutley no consequence. Just look at his administration for proof!

  20. jackie says:

    why doesn’t he keep his nose where it does not belong, those Catholics in the audience should have BOOOOOED him big time. Plain to see he is against the Catholic religion.

    • Carol says:

      That would have been “uncivilized”. We Catholics are better than that. He will be gone eventually and we can celebrate that he is not in the White House.
      Hoping the next President will have a clue.

  21. Pam Skibbe says:

    I hope that all the world remembers that almost half of us did not vote for Obama. Therefore he does not reflect our values, our beliefs, our ideals and our hopes for the world.

    • Ken345 says:

      Pam the real numbers are as follows. 80.36% of all Americans did not vote for Obama, and 73.61% of registered voters did not vote for Obama but of course 39% of registered voters either stayed home or were disenfranchised for the election. With whole cities not registering a single vote for Romney and some counties having 104% of all voting age adults registered, it is pretty certain that Obama actually received way less votes than are credited to him. The problem is that due to some foolishness back in the 80’s in many instances Republicans are prohibited from challenging irregular voting.

      • BB says:

        As you don’t give your source for your numbers I can’t comment on the veracity of your numbers but here’s what I can say about them:

        1) You say 80.36% of all Americans did not vote for Obama – well as the voter turnout was approx 60%, that means that 40% of Americans did not vote for Obama or Mitt Romeny. Of the 60% that did vote it was split almost perfectly 50/50 although Obama did win the popular vote (a number generally given as 50.4%) which means 50% of the voting population didn’t vote for Romney. Therefore, 40% did not vote and another 30% didn’t vote for Romeny, therefore 70% of the population didn’t vote for Romney. Likewise 70% didn’t vote for Obama. Aren’t numbers fun?

        2) 39% of registered voters didn’t vote. Well those voters must fall in to the 40% that didn’t turn out so we can forget them, they don’t change anything.

        3)104% of all voting adults registered. Well now you’ve completely lost me. You are either suggesting electoral fraud or you don’t understand percentages. I’m not sure which.

        So why is it certain he recieved way less votes than credited to him? Perhaps Mitt Romney and the Republicans just lost (it is possible).

        And Pam – that’s the nature of democracy. While almost half didn’t vote for him, more than half did. And while you can be as disappointed as you like, it was the result people voted for. Count yourself blessed to live in a country that abides by its elections.

        • Christian says:

          @BB and @Ken For the record: I VOTED AND I VOTED FOR GARY JOHNSON! So, to mention only reps and dems and say, “the others didn’t vote” Well I did. I didn’t trust either of them.

  22. Thomas Gray says:

    As an American Catholic, I sincerely apologize and unequivocally disavow, on behalf of my traditional Catholic brothers, the outrageous remarks of our “President”.

  23. Nor Fitz says:

    “US president undermines Catholic schools after Vatican Prefect praised them” Can you please show where Obama “undermines Catholic School” please. No where in this article does it show where he did this! Would a man really go onto Northern Ireland, undermine Catholic schools and expect to go home alive! Don’t think so!

    • Linda Mae Baldwin says:

      ummmmm yes he did…and yes he would..he’s arrogant and obviously believes he is above everyone else….

    • Jim says:

      Are you actually unable to comprehend that he’s suggesting that there not be any schools that are uniquely Catholic or Protestant in this quote?
      “If towns remain divided—if Catholics have their schools and buildings and Protestants have theirs, if we can’t see ourselves in one another and fear or resentment are allowed to harden—that too encourages division and discourages cooperation,” the US president said.

    • BB says:

      Thank you! Half a quote with no context. And given that America had segregated schools for 50 years and it brought nothing but hurt and harm and still even after their abolition the damage is still being done you would think people might be a little more considered in their views. To me that itty bit of a quote means Obama is not saying no to Catholic schools he’s saying no to segregation. You can still have Catholic and Protestant schools but they should not be the only option and to me arguably they should not be state funded.

      • JAC says:

        Having Catholic schools and Protestant schools is completely different from segregation, for one there is no racial motivation. Secondly it is a parents choice to have their children educated at a private or parochial school. Obama is also commenting on Northern Ireland’s educational system when his own country’s public education system is falling apart. Maybe he should focus a little more of his attention on what he can fix in the U.S. instead of criticizing other nations.

      • Lauren says:

        Catholic Schools are NOT state funded. People who CHOOSE to send their kids to them have to pay tuition which pays to run the school. I have worked at many public schools before starting at a Catholic one this past year and found that at a school where our first priority is God….not only makes a difference but sets the bar high on standards, character and academics. It’s a joy and I’m sad more kids don’t have this quality of education.

  24. Kmbold says:

    As a citizen of the USA, may I humbly suggest that you Scots show the door to the divisive and repugnant Obama. You don’t have to endure the lout, we do, alas.

    • BB says:

      He’s in Northern Island. Not Scotland. They are different countries, but no matter. Facts don’t seem to be bothering anyone else here, so don’t feel bad.

  25. Fred says:

    Make no mistake about it, Obama is an anti-Catholic; from appointing Catholic dissidents to forcing Catholic organizations to pay for abortions. This person is a devious deceiver.
    He has mastered the rhetorical concept of ‘plausible deniability.’ in every statement he utters; statements with immoral precepts or seed planting power of suggestion.

    It is bad news.

  26. Aaron Ling says:

    This is exactly what happens history repeats its self. People turn there backs on God. That is why the world, including the U.S is the way it is. Were taking God out of our lives and schools, and public governmental buildings. Soon, things will be gone and you president Obama will have to answer to him, and his raft will be unpleasant. U as a leader should look at the destruction that this is causing and have the brains to change it before its to late.

  27. CoastRanger says:

    As an American, I apologize for this reckless, destructive, lazy, hateful man my fellow countrymen have elected twice.

  28. Beverly Regan says:

    The divide between Catholic and Protestant is a GREAT division in the country the President was visiting. It is NOTHING like the divide in the states, where all our kids know each other and play with each other with catholic kids and the protestant kids living on the same street, playing street ball with each other. The people whom he is begging to bring down walls are living in separated communities, hating one another. There was even a project that brought Catholic and Protestant youths to the U.S. years ago so they could see how living side by side IS possible and actually beneficial. It is a reach from the President, whom I do NOT adore, and NEVER have I taken his side in my mind, a reach for peace where cohabitation is possible and evident and a REALITY for many. But the end of catholic schools is not the answer. A trust between the families IS The answer. God does love both.

    • Linda Mae Baldwin says:

      you are right, but he hates Catholics…he is pro-abortion, his comments in a foreign country where obviously Catholicism is IMPORTANT just shows his arrogance and ignorance and shamefulness…and he said it right on the heels of an Archbishop saying that Catholic schools in his country clearly Obama was undermining… he’s a disgusting overseas as he is in the USA

    • Brian says:

      There are State schools, Integrated schools, some Protestant Church schools and Roman Catholic Church schools in Northern Ireland. Anyone can go to State or Integrated schools but parents have a choice where to send their children and this right should not be taken away. I have no problem with any kind of school but there could be more interaction between ALL schools. We do not need Obama to tell us that. The kids seemed very motivated by what he had to say, I would have been too when I was 15 or 16 years old!! BIG DEAL!!

    • Teresa says:

      I know there is something called the Ulster Project and each year they ask Catholic families to sponsor a Protestant teen so they can live and go to school here. That is still going on.

  29. John Madison says:

    I am an American. My European cousins should adopt a custom we Americans have begun to hold when dealing with Obama.

    Don’t listen to a word he says.

  30. Michele Allen says:

    I am an American Catholic and sickened that our President would say such a thing in your country–but not surprised.

  31. Eileen Colby says:

    President Barack Obama is a fool. He is ignorant and doesn’t know what he is talking about when he speaks of Catholic education. I am ashamed to call him my President. I had twelve years of Catholic education and happy to experienced it. All my nuns and priests were caring and loving. I feel privileged to have attended Catholic schools and learned my faith. Barack Obama how dare you undermine a good thing, it’s time for impeachment, he is destroying the United States of America.

  32. Anna says:

    As an American I can tell you this man does not like the Christian faith. Christian soldiers and chaplains in our military are being persecuted by his administration, Catholic laity and clergy are being forced to provide abortions and contraception by this gov’t which is against the 1st amendment of our constitution.

  33. annie says:

    UnFreakingbelievable. It’s bad enough he messes with Catholic education and religion in general in our country. That he would voice these thoughts in Northern Ireland is beyond the pale. Northern Ireland has paid their dues in BLOOD and found their peace. You. Keep. Out. Of. It. I’m FURIOUS!!!

  34. Nunca says:

    I have watched with great joy and amazement the work, education, and amazing alumni that comes from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). The student body is predominantly black and have separate campuses, facilities, etc. I substitute Black/White for Catholic/Protestant: “If [RACES] remain divided—if [BLACKS] have their schools and buildings and [WHITES] have theirs, if we can’t see ourselves in one another and fear or resentment are allowed to harden—that too encourages division and discourages cooperation.” I ask you Mr. President, do we shut down the HBCU’s?

  35. jim l. sekerak says:

    I often am shocked at the statements made by this president which are either vague or uniformed but dismissed these as being due to a superiority complex which is reinforced by his rock-star status. I am convinced that this is merely a cover for his inferiority complex and he has been duped and preyed upon by others who have a vested interest in having him front their own agenda. If true, then this is indeed a sad situation for the man himself but even worse is the atrocious harm being spread in his own country and now even globally.

  36. Lori says:

    We don’t like him acting outside of his enumerated powers either. He’s the worst American president in our history. It’s sad.

  37. Jerry Beckett says:

    As an American, I wish to apologize for the words of our President. I did not vote for him in either 2008 or last November, but since I am an American, it still makes me cringe whenever he flaunts his ignorance publicly.

  38. Michael says:

    Please feel free to keep him!

  39. Susan says:

    We’re really sorry that the man who spoke out like this is from the United States.

  40. schmenz says:

    I had a high opinion of Scots good sense. But that opinion is being sorely tried by the fact that Scots would allow this cretin to address them…on any issue whatsoever.

    My dear Scottish friends: please don’t soil your great country and your traditions by allowing such a clown as Obama come anywhere near you. He is a disgrace to what’s left of America,and to everywhere else.

    • BB says:

      He’s in Northern Ireland, not Scotland. Different countries. One has suffered from sectarian violence for 40 years the other is at peace. But you know, it’s not America so it’s all the same right?

      • Carla Okie says:

        Obviously, the comments from Americans have been nothing but apologetic. We are embarrassed that other countries have been subjected to the infinite wisdom of our “leader”. So, let us make it a blanket apology to all nations. The point is, it’s none of his business. Period. Just like everything he crams down our throats, here in America. No thank you, Mr. Obama. Really, we’re fine. We can take care of ourselves. The best part is, while he’s talking the fool overseas, the “girls” are probably on extensive tour through Europe (on the taxpayers dollar). And when it’s all over, the U.S. media will run a story on “Michelle’s Fabulous Arms…And How You Too Can Get That Look” or a popular new color of nail polish that one of his girls are wearing. It’s embarrassing, disgusting and maddening. God help us all.

  41. BADKarma says:

    As a non-Obamunist citizen of the United States, I would like to personally apologize to the fine people of Ireland for The Resident’s existence.

    As you were.

    • BB says:

      Really? Did you really just write that? Ireland? Really? It’s bad enough people muddling up Scotland and Northern Ireland but at least they are both in the UK. Muddling up Ireland and Nothern Ireland is frankly offensive – especially given the context of this story.

      Perhaps you could spend today reading up on the history of Northern Ireland and actually learn something.

  42. Richard Rider says:

    Want to see President Obama’s model school system? Visit his “hometown” to view the DC public schools. Paragons of decorum and learning — which he never visits.

    $23,000 per student cost, abysmal results. One of the most anti-black institutions in America — keeping poor blacks down on the welfare plantation with little hope of academic achievement.

    NO Congress critter (let alone any President) sends their kids to the DC school system. To add insult to injury, President Obama has twice tried to ban the anemic little education voucher option available for a handful of DC students who win a coveted lottery for the $7,500 voucher (vouchers used primarily for inexpensive but productive Catholic schools).

    Obama is owned and operated by the teachers’ unions. He doesn’t give a damn about the kids.

  43. Rotbart says:

    This is part of Obama’s war on religion. It extends not only to violating the rights of Catholics to practice their religion through their institutions but he has even gone so far as to threaten Catholic chaplains in the U.S military services for teaching authentic Catholic doctrine. The fact that so many young people, many of whom are out of work because of Obama’s policies, voted for him, is testimony to the dumb downing of the U.S. educational system. We in the U.S. have a lot to answer for in electing such a radical left wing idealogue.

  44. Scott says:

    Sorry Ireland, he will be our socialist in chief will be out of office in a few years. Please continue to ignore him and hope the rest of the American people are a tad bit smarter next election cycle.

    • BB says:

      Northern Ireland nor Ireland. For crying out loud does no American know the difference? It’s frankly offensive you don’t know the difference, and demonstrates the fact that you do not have a clue as to the background of this story.

      • Lynn whitehead says:

        American here. I have corrected way too many people . My apologies so many never paid attention in history.

  45. Ed says:

    In reference to the historical divisions between Catholics and Protestants there, his message was about commonalities, coming together, to stop seeing each other as the enemy. He said nothing about “ending Catholic school education.” The religious orgs presenting this story are being typically defensive.

  46. Joe Johnson says:

    These are some of the most close minded comments I have ever seen. The best thing you can do sometimes is wonder if you’re wrong. Something I’m sure none of you are comfortable with.

    • Wilbur Force says:

      wonderful thought! Now, what is your point? I am not a Catholic and I am convinced that this man would love to expunge Christian of any education of any stripe, be it Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, off the face of the earth. I am exceedingly NOT comfortable with that possibility.

  47. Susan says:

    Did any of you self righteous “people” even listen,or read what Mr. Obama said? He sees where the separation of children in schools according to their religion may only perpetuate the hatred and closed mindedness that has existed in that country for hundreds of years. It may work in other parts of the world, but perhaps combining all Christians in schools in Ireland would give children a chance to grow up “knowing” that they are ALL the same, instead of fighting and ruining their lives and that of future generations.

    • Crossing The Delaware says:

      I disagree. That is what he wants the unsuspecting observer to believe. Obama is about no religion — *especially* Christianity. He will take any change he gets to promote the idea of a society devoid of traditional faith, and of only one church: Government. Islam gets a pass, for now, only because Islamic societies have much in common with authoritarian regimes: they dictate what you can and cannot do in every aspect of your life – what you can and cannot eat, how you should dress, who should be with you when you leave home if you are a woman, what you can say, what you absolutely cannot say or even think — and the enforcement is brutal and unforgiving.

      This man disrespects Christianity and especially Catholicism constantly. People that oppose him politically do so because they “bitterly cling to their bibles and their guns”. Religious institutions MUST purchase healthcare plans that include contraception and aborticides. He has rewritten the US Declaration of Independence to omit “endowed by their Creator”.

      The Irish and Scottish recognize what he meant, and they completely reject his condescension. How dare he tell parents where to send their own children? How drunk with power must one be to think this way?

    • BB says:

      I do absolutely agree with you. But he’s in Northern Ireland not Ireland and there’s 400 years of spilt blood over that difference.

    • kwaite says:

      I think schools are for learning and families for teaching openness and acceptance of others. Once again our president diminishes the role of parents and wants the government to raise our children.

  48. Susan says:

    and you call yourselves Christians?

    • Crossing The Delaware says:

      The arrogance on display here transcends religion and Christianity. This is about freedom, and an individual’s sovereignty to send their own children wherever they, as the parent, think best. I’m terribly ashamed that he is representing our nation this way. Glad to see so many Irish voices here rejecting his smug and pompous condescension.

    • Susan…you speak sense…which is an anathema to most of the people posting here.

  49. Patryk says:

    My apologies to the Irish. Most Americans ignore that buffoon and I strongly urge the good people of Ireland to do the same. President Obama has a record of being strongly anti-Catholic in the US too.

  50. Linda Mae Baldwin says:

    here’s another article with more detail for those who weren’t convinced from the above article..why anyone wants to defend O is beyond me…

    • Larry D. says:

      Totally agree with you Linda…why anyone would defend Obama is beyond me. But his blind followers in the US will follow him anywhere, and say anything to protect him. What they fail to see is that he is destroying the US from within, causing more division within the US than has been present since the US Civil war in the 1860’s. Obama seeks to divide all cultures…as he sees his way as the best…and his way is via islam. Obama is a muslim for all those who do not know…plain and simple…he despises all religions and seeks to cause division where ever he can. He is nothing more than a wolf in sheep’s clothing, claiming to be Christian, all the while deceiving all he can.
      So sorry he had to come into your country and that you had to listen to this fool!!

  51. fore says:

    What piece of work he is and just think how many Catholics voted for him (enough to get elected) and I know many, even priests and deacons. What a shame.

  52. Jim says:

    Our American president is an embarrassment to anyone who can see past what he says and watches what he does, but he is anti-Christian, so on behalf of myself and my friends, I apologize.

  53. Randy T says:

    On behalf of the citizens of the US, please accept our apology for the behavior of our amateur leader. He’s quite full of himself and cannot limit his divisiveness to a single continent. He believes this makes him a global President when he’s believed in the US to be a the village idiot.

  54. gerry says:

    Obama is a complete disgrace and an embarrassment to Americans across the country. Foreigners whom he has offended, please accept our apology. Obama is a fool.

    I’m a Catholic American, and believe me, he not only hates the catholic church, he hates America! We are counting the minutes till he goes away, and only pray we can undo some of the damage he does daily.

  55. Debra C. says:

    I am an American, and I too would like to apologize for the ignorance of (unfortunately) our president. A lot of people here in the United States want him impeached, and some wonder why it hasn’t already happened. Personally I believe that he has no right telling other people how to live and especially telling any religion what they should do; be it in our country, or in a foreign country. Please don’t believe/judge all Americans by the actions of this stupid man. Because he doesn’t speak for all Americans; Although he’d like to think that he does. If I were you I’d tell him to get out of your country fast and to never come back.

  56. BA Merlina says:

    I am going to point out the obvious here that Mr. Obama is making policy statements regarding the internal matters of a sovereign ally while on said ally’s sovereign soil. This is an insult to Her Majesties sovereignty and should not be tolerated.

  57. Sketch says:

    Catholic education is the cornerstone of my being. My 5 children have been blessed by a wonderful Catholic education. It’s a way of life in New Orleans.

    I am sickened by what the president said. Unfortunately, I’m not surprised.

    I would hope that my fellow 70 million American Catholics are equally disgusted. He is a major disappointment.

  58. Dachs says:

    I don’t know how there can be so many misinterpretations of something that was so easy to understand. What President Obama is suggesting is that as long as the Irish Catholics and Irish Protestants separate themselves from each other….and he used schools as an example of that separation….there can never be peace, trust and reconciliation among the people.

    This is true. If each of these groups segregates themselves from the other, then there is no progress or understanding between the people. If they each go their separate way, making sure their paths never cross, how does that positively further relations between the two groups. It is religion that divides them now, whether it be in their churches, in their communities or in their schools. As long as religion continues to divide them, there can be no movement towards positive change and acceptance.

    I find it so ironic that instead of religion being a unifying entity, it is what divides the people. What ever happened to:

    “Love thy neighbor.”

    “Thou shalt have no other Gods before me.” (They do worship the same God.)

    “Thou shalt not murder.”

    The two religions may believe in some religious ideas that are different from the other, but they have the same 10 commandments. It’s time to move forward and leave religion out of this situation as it seems that religion has done more harm than good.

    • Dachs you seem to be another know it all to begin with the British have no reason to be in Ireland other then to say that they are there and cause trouble and there is no understanding when it comes to the British they understand one thing there way or no way and the positive change will come when the British get out of Ireland so they don,t need you to tell them any thing about there way of living or Obama i was all ways taught to mind my own business may be you should try it along with our president

    • Steve Kope says:

      Thank you!!! Someone who actually read his statement and not just the misleading title of this article…

    • Susan says:

      DACHS, I’m so glad that I’m not the only person reading all of these statements and wondering if these people even really bothered to read or hear what Mr. Obama really said. It appears that alot of folks have a preconceived notion of what he is all about. A very closed minded group who are very quick to jump to conclusions. Let’s also add “Judge not, lest ye be judged”.

  59. Leo says:

    This fictitious presidential court jester that nearly bankrupted the USA and created tons o controversy is trying to preach American politics in Ireland. He is wrong in his always opinionated thinking. Therefore he has just reduced himself into the illogical American pretender by trying to create another political divide. The American school system does not teach moral values anymore. With the rise in moral decadence the US can no longer tell the world what to do. With their strong opinionated thinking they always want to talk down to us but bully their people. This history will judge. Henceforth it would be likened that we should think that a clown like him is seriously going to tell Catholic schools to shut down is like believing that Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck are going to have a baby soon at the White House. LOL

    • BB says:

      For goodness sake – it’s not Ireland. It’s Northern Ireland. That point is fundamental to understanding what Obama meant. He was not suggesting banning Catholic education. He is suggesting that part of the road to peace must be a meeting of the two communities, they must live, work and learn together. That can only be achieved by breaking down segregation. But, as you don’t know that he’s not talking about the land of shamrocks and leprechauns you cannot possibly comprehend that.

  60. tom donald says:

    I am shocked by the tone of the majority of comments on this page. How remarkably aggressive and unpleasant many of them are.
    Would it be possible to maintain a civilised discourse on this and other subjects please?

    • Crossing The Delaware says:

      Tom – When a leader is as destructive as this one, it is really really hard to maintain one’s composure. I’m American, and I am profoundly opposed to every point in this mans agenda. Honestly Tom, this man bows down, bends over backwards and kowtows to Islamists, but he deliberately disrespects Christians every chance he gets. Whenever he quotes from the US Declaration of Independence, he deliberately omits, over and over again, the phrase “…that they are endowed by their Creator”. When he was running for office, he infamously stated that Americans in certain parts of the country “cling bitterly to their bibles and their guns”. The legislation that he promotes and signs into law pokes the eye of the Catholic church, forcing them to pay for health plans that MUST include contraception and abortion in their “benefits”.

      That’s why you see this tone. This man wants Americans, and apparently now the Irish, to abandon their faith and pray at the altar of government. I know this may sound like an exaggeration. I assure you it is not. This man wants every citizen to turn to Government for every need and want. I am glad to see that the Scottish and Irish are seeing him exactly for what he is and for what he represents, and that they reject his collectivist Godless rhetoric. I challenge you to read the posts here, and get to the substance of the posts, ignoring the emotion or tone. They are spot on.

  61. Chris Ranmore says:

    Strange that none of the criticisms of President Obama address the main point of his comments – that dividing children of school age by faith is divisive. Can nobody provide a worthwhile counterargument instead abusing him personally?

  62. Linda Smith says:

    Just because Obama states his opinion about the Catholic education in a speech (no matter where or what country) does not justify anyone taking for granted that it will be that way. Everyone has or should have the right to free speech – BUT – it is the majority of the people that will make it or break it. Unfortunately, Americans BROKE it when they elected OBAMA. This goes to show that Americans just took his opinions as fact and did not research the other candidates before making up their mind. In other words, Americans were too lazy to research all of Obamas’ promises and now they must deal with him until the next election. Voting is a PRIVELEGE and an HONOR, and should be taken VERY SERIOUSLY – however, most Americans nowadays, take the easy way out and want everything without working for it. Let’s pray that our Father God above will move America in the right direction and bring this country back to its religious foundation.

  63. peter higgins says:

    Having just returned from a 2 week trip to Ireland which included Derry & Belfast , I believe that most Irish people want peace & happiness in their towns. The many people I talked to in Derry were so happy & friendly they make Barry’s words sound stupid. Most Catholic schools have many non Catholic students in attendance. It is to bad Obama feels he has to put his two cents in especially when he says nothing about his many problems over here in America. I echo the many other letters above….Sorry Ireland….We are not all like Obama.

    • BB says:

      Wow – you don’t even know what country you visited. You didn’t visit Ireland, you visited Northern Ireland (that’s not the northern part of Ireland as you clearly thought). That’s pretty special, and you aren’t exactly doing much credit for the American education system.

      Did you not notice your visa was for visiting the UK when you went, or did you not realise Ireland isn’t in the United Kingdom and hasn’t been for a very very long time?

  64. peter higgins says:

    Patrick….Too bad you sound so bitter about your former faith. Abortion is murder….you should know better….I’m sorry to say I do agree with you about divorce….Many people , not just Catholics,think divorce is just a step to solve their problems….

  65. Paulamarie says:

    To Donald above, I concur! We’re all in this world together, lets embrace our differences and strive to get along and respect our differences. The world seems more full of hate than ever so being civilized with each other would go a much longer way.
    I am NO fan of Obama, saw right through him from the beginning and am upset that his words have offended so many of my Catholic and Irish Neighbors. Obama offends me on a regular basis, I must admit. When I first saw this assertion (posted on a Facebook page) I was immediately angered and couldn’t believe that I hadn’t heard about the president speaking out against Catholic education on another news source so I started researching the topic- I’ve only been able to find the one quote sited anywhere (about the segregation) and I’ve failed to see where Obama has come out and specifically spoke out against Catholic education-if I am overlooking something, please, by all means, correct me. In all fairness, I have to wonder if it isn’t our dislike of the man that leads us to interpret his words the way we do? Please understand that I am upset with the fact that Obama has offended so many, and also that I don’t like the man so I am not trying to defend him in any way. He has been bad for my country and against the very values with which I choose to live my life.
    Dachs (above) I agree with your posting regarding the intent of the comment Obama made-segregation is bad. I agree that segregation is bad. As far as the differences in religion-I also can’t understand why there is such a division. We all don’t HAVE to agree with one another. I find no commandment that says we have to agree (or even like) one another, but we are commanded to love one another. 1 Corinthians 13:13 tells us to abide in faith, hope and love but the greatest of these is love. Lets love one another!

  66. T Bracey says:

    NI is seen by the wider world as a case-study in the damage that religious apartheid can do to community cohesion. I see the word ‘arrogant’ being thrown about a lot here, but Obama is very far from alone. And if Catholic values are indeed so superior as to mitigate the cost to communities, do they really lose all potency when presented to a plural cohort?. I believe good values are those that survive scrutiny, not evade it.

  67. fozzie says:

    Couldn’t agree more with Obama. The sooner segregation is scrapped the better. The damage caused is too much

  68. Sean says:

    This quote was clearly taken out of context. Obama was addressing the divide amongst the Catholics and Protestants that still exists in Ireland to this day. There is still so much violence between these two groups, and Obama was addressing how to end the polarization of these two. He was saying that each group needed to end the institutions that completely seperate them, and to start integrating to perform peace. This is specifically addressing the split in Northern Ireland, and not Catholic schools in any other context. He is not hating Catholics or Protestants, just trying to fix the hatred that is responsible for Ireland being split in two to this day. Please stop creating this demagoguery, the country is so split and nothing is getting done.

  69. Fiona M says:

    As an Irish Catholic living in Northern Ireland, I would like to say that Mr Obama is absolutely correct when he says that educating children in a segregated way is harmful and breeds intolerance. My children attend an Integrated School where they are taught tolerance of other faiths and religions, whilst also receiving Catholic instruction. He did not, for one minute, suggest that Catholic schools should be done away with. Children in Northern Ireland have spent decades being segregated in school, at play and in their communities. They grow up being suspicious of the ‘other side’. Education is the only way to end this. The last thing we need is the Catholic Church trying to undo the great work that has already been done by the Integrated Education sector. Some of the comments on here are very ill informed.

  70. Kitch says:

    I agree, I think that running schools on a religious ethos would not help improve co-operation, in fact it may damage it. I think the best run schools are schools that include all religions, so that all children can learn that Muslims, Protestants, Catholics, Hindus and Seeks are not so different from themselves. The US education system has flaws, but to say that’s because it is secular is a non sequitur.

  71. T smythe says:

    Religion is on its way out and the sooner divisive separated schools are gotten rid of the better. I would say having grown up in Northern Ireland’s segregated system I would be in a better position than many commentators here in saying that the segregation needs to end. I think it’s crazy that the religious would rather that people continue to not know or meet their peers, continuing this lack of understanding that actually we are all the same. There is a better way and unfortunately, all you people disagreeing about Obamas words, all you can see is your religious pride getting knocked. What I would say Is get used to it? We no longer want to be part of your segregation hate machine. We are waking out this religious sleepiness. It is only a matter of time.

  72. Douglas says:

    Love how Obama’s claim is described as “unfounded” yet the archbishop is unconditionally accepted as an expert on both education and sociology (in fact he is neither, and speaks from a position of pure ideology).

    Furthermore, the latter’s comments do nothing to refute the criticism that Obama offers: that isolating children according to the religious beliefs of their parents is divisive. This is wretched, bias journalism.

  73. mike says:

    Oh dear, did the President (an invited guest) say something that actually made sense? Will you people listen to yourselves at all? How many years did ?Ireland go through the troubles? the bombs, the apartheid, the divisions between so called christians who were happy to maim and kill each other in the name of a religion run by hypocrites who mainly joined for the company of other men/young boys? Look at you, would you rather return to all that just because a mammal claims to have divine guidance from some god or other that was invented by cave dwellers thousands of years ago. Why listen to someone actually speaking sense when you can stop thinking for yourself and listent to the theocratic dictators instead?Because children need to learn that we are all equal and should treat each other with respect and equality and not because of some religious (albeit rather flawed) belief or skin colour or gender. Imagine Ireland at peace? Can you do that? Imagine no religion.

  74. Paul B says:

    Ohh…so it wasn’t the English invasion and longstanding persecution of the Catholic Church that caused “division”, but school kids learning the prayer of the Prince of Peace…No historian or metaphysical this fellow. Seems he’s a big fan of dividing little boys and girls in the womb from their mothers though. And those nasty Catholics keep talking about such inconvenient things..

  75. Steve Rimmer says:

    I think he is right. Surely if you divide a society when they are children, then you create a divided society when they are adults. How else can you explain the vitriolic hatred and aggression exemplified by the conflict in Northern Ireland over many years.

  76. John Lofton says:

    NO SURPRISE here since Caesar always wants everyone “educated” to worship him! No competing religions EVER tolerated by Caesar! NEVER….Caesar’s solution to “divisiveness” is ALWAYS for everyone to unite by worshiping him and his State….I am an American and apologize for the fact that our “President” is an idiot.

    John Lofton, Recovering Republican
    Active Facebook Wall

  77. steve says:

    You are all wrong! He made a speach here talking about Sunday morning being the most segregated of the week: Whites in one church, blacks in another, Latinos somewhere else. Remember, the US once has many and still has some highly divivded ethnic neighborhoods.
    President Obama was simply saying that it is well past time for Catholics ans Protestants to mix and develop a shared national ID. One could argue that religious schools do create a us vs them dichotomy and that maybe Catholics and Protestents should make greater efforts to unite thier young…not under one religion but instead as one Irish people. Given the bloody history of the region, this unity is a must.

  78. Cindy Howell says:

    May we please work together to let it be known to all Americans, rather than just to media directed to Catholics, what Obama is saying? We are unlikely to hear these alarming (and highly embarrassing) reports on our local newscasts unless be all contact our tv and radio stations and our newspapers unless we contact them. You are just one, but so am I–but there are lots of us and we can make a difference.

  79. BB says:

    Only someone totally corrupt or demonically possessed would claim division to divide and conquer to attack the Catholic Church’s teachings. Our Lady of Fatima warned, “Russia will spread her errors throughout the world.” Obummer was raised by Godless communists. His parents met in Russian class, his communist mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, had an FBI file on him thicker than a baby’s arm. Tell your friends Alex Jones was right, the New World Order is a socialist leading to communist one world everything including government, currency, education and religion.

  80. eine Reich, eine Volk, eine Obama!
    God Forbid that children should learn to worship the Allmighty when they could be taught to worship Barack Hussein Obama! When are we going to start up the Obama youth?

  81. Bob says:

    I am so appalled by the comments of Obama. Having 16 years of Catholic education I am amazed that so many Christians voted for a man who opposes the sanctity of marriage, the rights of unborn children and Christianity. And now he takes this hatred abroad as our representative. God, please soften his heart and send your Holy Spirit to enlighten him.

  82. Buster says:

    What about the division caused by Black Colleges?

  83. wes says:

    Look on the bright side. At least they aren’t telling you what you can and cannot eat.

  84. bc3b says:

    I apologize for Barack Obama. I never voted for him and consider him an embarrassment to the United States. Obama has been at war with the Catholic Church and would like nothing better than to see religious institutions shuttered and all morality removed from the public square. He deserves a special place in hell.

  85. Testicules says:

    For Non-US Readers, and apology and an explanation.

    First, for those of you our president has insulted, please accept our apologies, he certainly does not speak for all Americans.

    To understand the motivation for his idiotic partisan babble, you have to understand some things about US politics.

    Extremely large percentages of our public school teachers are members of teachers labor unions. These unions provide our presidents political party with massive amounts of campaign money from compulsory union dues and coerced labor from the members for political campaigns. The president’s party in turn showers them with ever higher pay and well padded benefits packages, from Taxpayer money. The president’s party also fights against any and all measurements of teacher performance and educational standards. This has resulted in poorly performing schools and low quality education for our children.

    Catholic schools are not part of these unions, and provide a superior education for many children. This contrast demonstrates the failings of the public teachers unions.

    The opposing political party has tried on occasion to implement something we call the “voucher system”. This would allow parents to take their children out of the public schools, and put them in better performing private schools. If they do this, a portion of the money saved in the public schools would be made available to them in the form of a voucher that they could use to partially pay for the private school. This would mean more money per student in the public schools, better educational opportunities for children whose parents transfer them, and competitive forces to improve the public schools. But, as this would weaken the unions and the president’s party political money supply, and impose higher standards of performance on public school teachers, they oppose it.

    The politics of our educational system is quite ugly, and our presidents comments would have been merely wrong if delivered to a US audience. Delivered overseas, they are an insult to others and an embarrassment to us. Once again, apologies for his political lies winding up insulting another nation.

  86. Soquel Creek says:

    So, our President feels that Catholic education is divisive, huh?

    Here in the United States, students at privately-funded, independent Catholic schools outperform students at taxpayer-funded, government schools in mathematics, science, reading, and writing. It’s not the Catholics who say this, it’s the United States Department of Education. But, perhaps in President Obama’s eyes, superior performance IS divisive.

    Sources: U.S. Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences

    “Science 2011: National Assessment of Education Progress at Grade 8,” Figure 7, page 9.

    “Mathematics 2011: National Assessment of Education Progress at Grades 4 and 8,” Figure 27, page 43.

    “Reading 2011: National Assessment of Education Progress at Grades 4 and 8,” Figure 26, page 46.

    “Writing 2011: National Assessment of Education Progress at Grades 8 and 12,” Figure 6, page 13.

  87. Rancid says:

    Sorry, I meant Ireland.

  88. Chad Woodburn says:

    He speaks as if the secular education at public schools is not equally divisive (if not more so).

  89. Jeremy says:

    Causing division? There is a saying…I’ll give you clues..

    Kettle/pot/black…any questions?

  90. RoustAbout says:

    What the Dear Leader of the formerly democratic United States of America is really saying is that private Catholic education,just like private education of every other kind,prevents the state from propagandizing children in the way the state wants them to believe and behave. When Dear Leader was elected the first time, public schools all over the U.S. featured school programs and performances in which the Dear Leader was praised and glorified in an American version of “We are flowers and Chairman Mao is the sun!” How can you teach children to worship the state if they’re not taught by the state? The Catholic Church is a threat to totalitarianism because it teaches that God has given us all the gift of free will.

  91. Anthony says:

    Excellent point Mr. President and that’s why your two daughters attend public schools in Washington, DC, right? No. They attend a private and very expensive Quaker school. More “do as I say, not as I do” elitist rhetoric. At least he’s finally exposed his true objective: the dismantlement and destruction of all faith-based institutions, at least those of a Judeo-Christian heritage.

  92. Gayle says:

    He has offended Israel, Rome and countless others. Pretty much everyone except the Muslims, whom were the first he issued an apology to in case the U.S. had offended them. Does anyone else notice or have a problem with that? Can you explain that?

  93. Peter Principle says:

    What an absurd claim. What division? First, Catholic schools admit kids of all faiths. Second, Obama said no such thing. Don’t you know it’s a sin to lie? This article is nothing but wildly irresponsible happy horse poo from a completely biased source without a shred of credibility. Shame on you. I suggest you take Confession at the earliest opportunity.

  94. sassy3000 says:

    Most Americans are disgusted by everything Obama has done to our country!
    HE is he divisive one. HE is the one who has escalated the manipulation of race and class warfare.
    And of course he objects to ALL Christian Schools. After all, they teach about decent morals, personal accountability, taking care of each other personally and not passing that God appointed charge onto the govt. And also they do not indoctrinate the children into the worthless socialist way of life.
    Slowly the media and the Liberals of this country are STARTING to realize that Obama was NOT fit to be President. He has been surrounded by Anti-American losers his entire life. From his mom, dad, Grandmother, His Pastor and his neighbor who tried to blow up govt back in the 70’s.
    Fox News has BEEN reporting on these things all along BUT the Psychotic incompetent Liberal Media instead chose to act like his press agents INSTEAD of acting like REAL JOURNALISTS!
    Most Americans don’t pay any attention to any of the fools who babble that any criticism of Obama is “racist”. LOL! Never Mind that MANY of these exact same criticisms were leveled at Pres Carter and Pres Clinton but if they are leveled at Obama then ALL OF A SUDDEN they are “racist”. LOL! No sane person could possibly keep a straight face when one of those far-left crackpots start babbling.
    Obama is a disgrace to the office. We True Americans apologize for those greedy selfish losers who voted for this idiot in the first place and as a result this self-righteous jerk is going around offending decent people around the world and embarrassing ALL decent Americans in the process.

  95. Faun says:

    Sorry, Ireland. We know he’s ignorant.

  96. BB says:

    Seriously, is there a single American on here who knows that Northern Ireland is not the north part of Ireland but is in fact a separate country that has been racked and devastated by forty years sectarian violence between Protestants and Catholics? In the light of that fact, perhaps now you might understand that his comments are aimed at promoting peace in the country, through the communal life of the two religions. I see nowhere in this article a suggestion that Catholic schools should be abolished but instead a suggestion that more needs to be done to integrate our children. Religious education is your choice, but it should not be the only choice available and children shouldn’t face the threat of violence just because they don’t attend the “right” school.

  97. Enuf says:

    So Obama talked about division between religious factions being unhealthy for a society and folks are imagine’ering that into an anti-religious school message? How very typical of the deeply politically partisan.

    Taking anyone’s statements out of context, taking snippets of speeches and trying to engineering them into other meanings than those intended, is dishonest and dishonorable. Typical of all political factions, not in anyway helpful in solving any problem.

  98. My wife is a ex-catholic (I am a Jewish atheist) and the hypocrisy of cathoicism is why she left. She had a catholic education up to 8th grade and when she left and went to a pu7blic high school in her town, she took her uniform and burned it. In fact she swore when we first got engaged that if we ever had kids that none of them would ever see the inside of a church, which was just fine with me.

    Kind of funny that here in the US, catholics scream about being pro-life, yet theyare bloodthirsty when it comes to the death penalty…old bloodlust habits (The Inquisition) must be hard to get rid of, eh?

    Granted, I am not an Obama supporter (I consider him to be conservative), but I can’t disagree with him here.

    To somebody named Steve Hall from St. Petersburg who will read this:

    People like you and your equally vile wife (who I can thank for the PTSD I suffer from today)are another reason my wife is a ex-catholic. Unlike you two, she grew up in a mixed area and neither she nor her parents had any problems with Jews. Can’t say the same for your anti-Semitic wife…I found out the hard way what a bigoted subhuman she is.

  99. Edward Malsack says:

    Catholics and protestants should not be told that raising their children in a scriptural environment is some how wrong by a carpet bagging foreigner. Yes,Catholics and Protestant have had differences. But Obama, is in error saying that protestants and catholics should not have the schools. And yes he said more than schools. He said buildings. That was a sideways way of saying churches wasn’t it?! He is suppose to be christian. But he implys that christianity is dangerous. Let us all remember that it was christian clergy who supported Wilberforce in getting the English parliment to outlaw slavery well over a hundred yesrs before the United states of America did the same. I am a citizen of the USA, however, what ever country we live in we must always protect our right to freedom of religion. God made us all free moral agents. Remember, Martin Luther did not oppose the catholic church as he himself was catholic (in his heart till the day he died). He only opposed what he believed to be errors in teaching that had come into the church. Was he right? Regardless, it is a matter between members of christ body, Jesus bride and the bride groom (Jesus). The Lord can take care of his bride. We all have come short of the glory of God. If we repent he is faithfull and JUST to forgive us our sins. The idea of a fair and impartial Justice system comes from no where else but the Judeo-Christian scriptures. And a carpet bagger comes say to you that it is not best. It is all part of globalization. In the new world order you must be directed by the carpet baggers (foreigners trying to sell you on something you don’t want or need. We must all stick together against the encroachment of global governance, which ofcourse is eventual global government and loss of national sovereignty and religious freedom. It all comes down to do we trust Christ or do we need a globalist messiah?! Click on:!/pages/Anti-Globalist-Community/592203777467319

  100. MFB says:

    The same problem that you have with him there today ,is the same we have with him here everyday.Ignore the conversation and keep teaching your children good civics and christians principles as we know you always do. Remember one thing our President’s children are not studying in our Public School System.If I’m not mistaken they are being educated in a private sectarian school in Washinghton. Isn’t that a real hypocrisy. His beef seems to be only with the Christians schools.

  101. Joe in N Calif says:

    Hmmm…so then…if we use that same reasoning…then in the US blacks or women being able to have their own schools and clubs is creating division. Having the Congressional Black Caucus is creating division. Somehow I don’t think any of the leftists would agree with that.

  102. Shin says:

    Perhaps some strong words need to be heard again. . .

    Obviously the need of this Christian instruction is accentuated by the decline of our times and morals. It is even more demanded by the existence of those public schools, lacking all religion, where everything holy is ridiculed and scorned. There both teachers’ lips and students’ ears are inclined to godlessness. We are referring to those schools which are unjustly called neutral or lay. In reality, they are nothing more than the stronghold of the powers of darkness.’

    Pope St. Pius X

    ‘Then they want to withdraw the school from the influence of the Church; the school, they say, is an institution for instructing the young. But the school is by no means merely a place for instructing, but it is at the same time and pre-eminently the place for the education of the young. Our children take with them to school not only their intellects, but also their hearts and their souls, and the latter must receive quiet as much attention as the former. Just as conscientious parents will not be indifferent as to how and by whom their children receive instruction, as regards their intellects, they should also take a great interest in seeing that the right light shall shine into their hearts and souls. And this light is religion. The child’s heart is naturally turned towards God, and is grateful to those who will lead it here. Oh, now touching is the sight of a child at prayer, and how close it draws to those who are teaching it to pray.

    It is, therefore, not only wrong but also ungrateful to try and take away the children from those who are constantly holding before the little ones all that is divine, great, and holy, and who instruct them at the same time in all they need to know for the fulfillment of their duties as good citizens. “I am not a school master, and cannot judge between the different methods of teaching,” said the old Duke of Wellington in the House of Lords in London, “but that if religion is not made the foundation of teaching it will be your fault if in future the number of clever rogues in the world is largely increased.”’

    St. Jean Marie Baptiste Vianney

  103. SK says:

    Remember that Obama spent his Elementry School days attending Shool in Indonesia. He attended a Wahaubi Islamic School witch is Sponsored by the Saudi’s. Wahaubi teaches hatred for Jews, Christians and others . Others are Athiest, Gays, Hindu’s and any other none believer. They say that they should be exterminated.
    The Great Deciever has arrived.

  104. EmbarrassedAmerican says:

    I am sorry that my Irish brothers and sisters had endure the type of tripe we Americans have to endure. The Emperor HAS no clothes end I think people around the world are starting to see what a lot of Americans have seen for 5 plus years!!

  105. Taylor Archway says:

    Obama is a fool … what gives him the right to suggest what another country should do. As president he is a total incompetent and is doing enough harm to the United States, ignore his comments and send him home.

  106. lyn says:

    How remarkably ignorant some of the leftist comments are. Education for millennia has been regarded as a religious pursuit. To the ancient Geeks and Romans it was simply unthinkable to educate a child without religious training. Noah Webster considered it a part of the very definition of being an educated person. The very idea that schools are not governed by a worldview is pure nonsense. The right to be educated according to your worldview is a fundamental human right. The idea that an educational institution can have a neutral worldview is fraudulent and dangerous. States should not restrict this most basic human freedom.

  107. Gary says:

    But, he claims to be Irish! Michelle O said so. She said it was good to be home upon arrival in Dublin. So, he’s just another locals expressing an opinion. I say, let’s test his DNA! So Simple. If he is Irish you have to keep him. He can start on his pathway to citizenship from there. At least then he’ll have some real papers. HE IS SCARY STUPID!!! Did you know he needed a teleprompter to talk to 3rd graders about whirled peas? I say,if it was that important of a speech he should have gone all the way to the 5th graders. They’re almost 12 years old you know.

  108. Mary says:

    Unfortunately God created him too. Save America from this divider and hater of all values and religion.

  109. Daniel L. says:

    OK but let’s start with all Muslim schools, then Black colleges and see how that works, Mr President.

  110. Ray Hendel says:

    Every Monday in Chicago we awake to the clock radio news giving the death tally from gang violence over the weekend. Dozens shot or stabbed and 7 seven killed. Most of the shooters are public school drop outs. Parents who aren’t even Catholic make sacrifices to get their kids into Catholic schools where they have a chance. Obama hates the Catholic schools because they out perform the Chicago Public schools at a fraction of the cost.

  111. WagTheDog says:

    Would a truly intelligent man argue for the dissolution of Catholic schooling to prevent social division while out of the other side of his mouth proclaiming the wonders of diversity?

    Watch for home schooling to get the Swedish/German treatment soon in the USA too.

    Obama is just a shill … an ACTOR doing and saying WHAT HE IS TOLD! His MASTERS should be the ones to target for your vitriol and anger. They write his copy. And THEY are the BILLIONAIRES who OWN most of this world and want to own it ALL. Thus the insane antics of this clown/actor. Try to see through him, folks, or his magic act will fool you all the way to the end.

  112. Draki says:

    What a moron. Does he know the 30 years war is over? My best friend is Catholic and I’m a Protestant. Who cares.

  113. Sal says:

    It is amusing to see Mr Obama characterize Catholic education as divisive. His rhetoric in the US for the last 5 years has been the most divisive of any President in history. I guess you’d call his accusations hypocritical…..and divisive.

  114. John Hobson says:

    Obama is calling for an end to sectarianism in Northern Ireland, NOT an end to Catholic education. There is an unsubtle difference between the two.

  115. Vivat Jesus, Dear Brothers Rick and Thomas, I am not in the Obama camp and don’t support his agenda but in all fairness in what the President stated in this conference and I quote, “If towns remain divided—if Catholics have their schools and buildings and Protestants have theirs, if we can’t see ourselves in one another and fear or resentment are allowed to harden—that too encourages division and discourages cooperation.”
    This statement was based on truth and fact and it is seen widely not only in Ireland, Scotland, England, Italy but all over the world. I have seen this type of discrimination within our our Catholic churches and preached words of discontent by priest which don’t agree with the Vatican II teachings. This is a real threat to the unity of Catholic traditions and the Churches division. If you look at the problems of the Traditional Catholics of the Society of St. Pius X and the Vatican, you will see just what I mean.
    There are disagreement on both sides and until the Vatican and the Society become on better terms with the acceptance of what our Lord Jesus would do and say about this, we all will continue to experience this sort of discrimination and division. The president called it right and was spot on in his comment. He wasn’t attacking the Catholic church! Just the way the congregations are acting and how they within themselves have become intolerant to one or the other. You see, all of us are not worthy to be called Christians because we have such hearts which have been hardened by teachings and misgivings, fueled by the past mistakes of those who challenge the very ethic of Jesus Christ and His mission on this earth. We all fail to realize that we are all of one Church and one family if we are Baptized into the light of His presence weather we are call Protestant or Catholic. Catholics argue over rituals and traditions and Protestants argue over the Catholic Churches inability to accept them as they are. What can we do but to agree that we must Love God with all our hearts, mind, body and souls and obey His Commandment to LOVE ONE ANOTHER AS WE LOVE OURSELVES! WE ALL MUST LEARN TO LOVE OURSELVES FIRST. And remember it isn’t easy to remove the plank from our own eye, but if we truly believe in Jesus we can make it an easy virtue to practice. God loves all of us!, no one is excluded.
    In the understanding of the Holy Spirit,
    Brother Brian

  116. Stan says:

    The most divisive president to have held the highest office in the US.

  117. Annie says:

    I knew you weren’t going to allow my comments to be posted. D Paul’s lies about the Beatles needed to be corrected. Just as soon as I said that Catholics weren’t the only Christians going to heaven, you hit the delete key. Your actions are disgusting and pitiful. Just can’t handle the truth. When you get to heaven, boy, are you going to be surprised at all the Protestants there, maybe even a Beatle or two be there as well.

  118. Stephanie says:

    If he’d actually said that Catholic education should be abolished, I’d be shocked and appalled. However, all he said is that the DIVISION between Catholics and Protestants should be bridged. This I can agree with.

    Relax, people.

  119. Sarah says:

    I am currently a PhD student preparing to write my dissertation on memory and hate in Ireland. I think his comment was taken out of context. He said Catholic AND Protestant….and segregated education in Northern Ireland is considered to be a contributing factor to continued hatred against the other group. I still think he meant segregation in general is not good for peace. See “History Teaching and the Perpetuation of Memories: The Northern Ireland Experience.” By Keith C. Barton and Alan McCully in The Role of Memory in Ethnic Conflict. Edited by Ed Cairn from the University of Ulster. This wasn’t an attack on Catholics or Catholic education…but on segregated education. You can also find the FULL text of the speech which explicitly talks about segregation here:

  120. Marty says:

    Being from Belfast, I can not believe the total rubbish I am reading on this comments board. Obama was correct. Catholic education and all forms of religious apartheid education should end. Immediately.

  121. The Phantom Bunburyist says:

    I’m bound to say that this is some very irresponsible journalism on the part of the SCO. I can say to its readers that sometimes it helps not to rely on someone else’s selective quotation to understand the full context of a speech. I have to say, the suggestion that Obama is calling for an end to Catholic education in the statement quoted in the linked article is a rather large extrapolation. He’s not talking about a unified education system: he’s talking about unified communities, “town[s]” that refuse to remain divided despite their religious differences. He’s not asking people to break down those differences in Christian creeds when in comes to religious education; instead, he urges his audience not to let those differences put up insuperable barriers between neighbours in the same communities. Later in the same speech, he said:

    “It’s within your power to bring about change. Whether you are a good neighbor to someone from the other side of past battles — that’s up to you. Whether you treat them with the dignity and respect they deserve — that’s up to you. Whether you let your kids play with kids who attend a different church -– that’s your decision. Whether you take a stand against violence and hatred, and tell extremists on both sides that no matter how many times they attack the peace, they will not succeed –- that is in your hands. And whether you reach your own outstretched hand across dividing lines, across peace walls, to build trust in a spirit of respect –- that’s up to you. The terms of peace may be negotiated by political leaders, but the fate of peace is up to each of us.”

    Accordingly, he’s not trying to erase lines; he wants people to reach across them to meet each other with mutual respect.

    Read more:

  122. It’s highly unlikely that President Obama was speaking out against Catholic education or faith-based education as a whole given both his policy and family education history, and his comments are not out of line with the context or with what Archbishop Muller said.

    Context is really important here; here he is not speaking about “Catholic schools” as formal entities, but rather he is talking about division in the same way we might say that’s a particular group’s area of town…it’s “their” grocery store…it’s “their” restaurant…etc.

    What the text of this speech suggests is the necessity to eliminate the divisive concept of “the other” from our way of thinking. This story is getting play in the US but shouldn’t be, because the context for people in the US for hearing a statement like the one he made is not the same as the one held by the people he spoke to.

    Domestically, this administration has pushed strongly for school-choice policy which would work to strengthen both public and faith-based schools. Without some form of the school-choice policy of the kinds that this administration has worked to put in place, Catholic schools in the US will continue to struggle, and many (more) of them will close.

    So given where he was speaking, what he was speaking on, what his policy life and person life (his kids go to a school run by the Friends church), and what he actually said, there’s a much different meaning to the statement than what Mr. Dunn suggests.

  123. VM says:

    Jesus, you people are crazy. You make me ashamed to have been raised Catholic.Obama’s statements are not divisive. You are deliberately misunderstanding him because it suits YOUR agenda of intolerance and hatred. Shame on you.

  124. kevin says:

    Dare I say it ,,,, but why not just make all schools catholic that should solve all the hatred against so called divisional catholic education system

  125. NDP says:

    I read the complete speech ( and didn’t find where the president either “undermined Catholic schools” or “called for an end to Catholic education in Northern Ireland,” or was there a different speech?

  126. CJ says:

    Americans either hate him or they love him with no one in between. He has divided the USA more than any president in the last century. Now Ireland sees why.

  127. TB says:

    Amazing how many far right conservative media outlets around the world — but especially in the U.S. — picked out the phrase, “made an alarming call for an end to Catholic education in Northern Ireland”, and published it so as to make readers think those were the exact words the President used. Everything is a political weapon today, I suppose.

  128. TheGodless says:

    The fact is that no school system in the world should be of any particular religion, as this ALWAYS leads to issues with privilege (read some of these comments where it is just assumed that everyone needs Jesus), stigmatization of minorities (all that privilege manifested), and yes, division. All of the criticisms I’ve read on her either come from privilege, ignorance, or logical fallacies, like the claim that secular public schools have higher rates of shootings and violence. As if it couldn’t have anything to do with a society that glorifies violence, including in it’s so called holy religions, and fills it’s streets up with weapons of all sorts. Yes, it is the fact that the schools leave religion to parents and churches that causes all of the violence right? Obama was doing the UK a favor by trying to share a fact that the rest of the modern secularized world knows, that kids and people get along better and are happier when the system doesn’t play favorites or endorse or try to force a religion on everyone.

  129. fozzie says:

    Glad to see a few (but not many!) More sensible comments on here. The ignorance of so many of these comments are utterly amazing! Living in a bigoted religious bubble, many of you in America clearly have no idea whatsoever what your talking about, which is startlingly clear in these comments. I live in the west of Scotland, the closest part of mainland UK to northern Ireland. For generations where I live has been blighted by sectarianism and bigotry. Prods v Catholics. It has improved gradually over the years but there is still a lot of bitterness and violence related to it. And the first thing people often ask? ‘what school did you go to?’ (i.e are you protestant or catholic) separate schools have done nothing but keep this divide festering over the years. If parents want to raise their child in a religious manner that is entirely up to them but it should have nothing to do with the state school system. Why should my tax money pay for bigotry and religious intolerance anyway? But please look a big harder beyond your own borders before spouting ignorant garbage.

  130. Prof. David Allen says:

    When organizations report on things that the President or for that anyone says they need to take the whole article in context. Not just a line out of what was said. I agree that the President was not liking Catholic education but he also critised Protestant education. That the two bodies did not lead to a healing of the problems of Northern Ireland. We do ourselves a great disservice by not reporting accurately what was said and distorting it to make it seem something other then what it is.

  131. says:


Leave a Reply to fozzie

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