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Private Catholic school cuts fees

A private Catholic school in Lanarkshire has said it intends to reduce fees in order to attract more middle class parents.

Fernhill School in Rutherglen (above) has announced it intends to freeze school prices this year and reduce them over the next two years.

Tony Boswell, a governor of Fernhill School, which currently charges £8976 a year for a senior school day pupil, said the school had made a deliberate choice to drive down prices.

“We have looked at the way fees have been rising over the past decade and came to a decision that those rises are making a private school education unaffordable to families who would have traditionally have sent their families to private school,” he said.

“It is now quite prohibitive and we have decided to change the model significantly and reduce fees to encourage more pupils.”

Every other private school in Scotland increased their fees this year, on average by 3.4 per cent to £11,700 a year, according to figures compiled by The Herald newspaper.

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  1. Alexander Lemko says:

    12k??? And this is meant to attract “middle class” kids?? And what about working class Catholic children, I guess they need to soldier on with a poorer standard of Catholic education. The whole private school system is incompatible with the Gospels

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