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Stripping UK of its Christian roots will pave the way for ‘sinister ideologies’

A senior English bishop has warned that stripping Britain of its Christian roots would leave the country vulnerable to ‘the most sinister of ideologies.’

Bishop Mark Davies of Shrewsbury (above) used his Easter Homily to express anxiety at the consequences of undermining Britain’s religious heritage, using the recent history of Europe to voice fears extremism would fill the void if Christianity was weakened.

“It has, indeed, been the experience of this past century, as both Blessed John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI have observed how the most poisonous ideologies have arisen within the Christian nations of Europe,” he said. “Thus Nazism or Communism attempted to discard the Christian inheritance of faith and morality as if it had never existed. They sought either to return to the pagan past or to ‘re-create’ and ‘redeem’ humanity by political will and ideology with terrible consequences.”

The bishop went on to say that: “If Christianity is no longer to form the basis and the bedrock of our society then we are, indeed, left at the mercy of passing political projects and perhaps even the most sinister of ideologies.”

Bishop Davies remarks follow many in this vein from Britain’s most senior Catholic, Cardinal Keith O’Brien of St Andrews and Edinburgh, who has long warned of the dangers of the secular agenda.

“Today we are becoming increasingly aware that there are those in leading positions within our society who wish to see history somehow reversed, who wish the very light which Christianity brought to these islands would recede,” Bishop Davies said. “This is often done under the plausible intention of ‘modernising’ yet it is in reality an attempt to turn the clock back: as if the Gospel had never arrived in this land, never shaped its laws and culture and never formed the basis of our civilisation.”

The bishop dismissed those who seek to move society away from Christian values.

“They see progress only in terms of moving this nation away from its Christian inheritance, from the very roots of its laws, its culture, its life,” he said. “They wish to discard the corner stone on which so much good in our society has been built.”

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